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Published by dlocke on 20 Oct 2018

Bobe Kindergarten 2018

Our newest project in the Bei Cala area is another kindergarten at Bobe. The locals broke ground this September and already it is up to roof level. Well done. Bin recently visited and caught up with teachers and students at Bei Cala and Boramba. She donated some extra furniture to Boramba which is being built by locals. Student attendance still varies throughout the week, but a consistent message is helping to encourage parents to send their children to kindergarten. Thanks once again to all those here in Australia and in Timor Leste for helping us achieve our goals.

Furniture being built for Boramba

Work on Bobe kindergarten.

Bei Cala Kindergarten Sept 2018

Boramba kindergarten Sept 2018

Bobe Sept 2018

Laying the foundation at Bobe.

Published by dlocke on 21 Dec 2017

Game Plan 2018

Published by dlocke on 05 Jun 2017

April in Bei Cala

During the last school holidays (April) I had the pleasure to catch up with the people from village of Bei Cala, Timor Leste. This time Wayne accompanied me and Dean West from Brisbane. We travelled to Dili via Darwin and were met by Jino at the airport.

On our first night we met the boys from the Defence Cooperation Program Timor-Leste (DCP-TL) in Dili.  We met Daniel, Craig, Roy and Brad who would be travelling up Monday and meeting us in Bei Cala to help with the work ahead.

We had set ourselves and ambitious program to fix up our original school building at Boramba. A couple of floors had been laid too thinly and consequently had broken up from wear and tear. We also hoped to weather proof the ends of the building as rain could come in.

After travelling on the Monday, I can report that road improvements are still in progress, we caught up with the boys and Karabina and Aniseto and extended family in Bei Cala.

Over the next three days were were able to re-cement one room completely by barrow and hand, fix two others, seal both ends of the building, fix furniture, hang new solid lockable doors and hang blackboards. It was an incredible pleasure to see the work undertaken by our crew, ably assisted by half dozen local boys. Thanks to all of boys for their assistance, it couldn’t have been done without them.

We also took over resources for our kindergartens and are planning on returning in the October holidays to continue the work.

Published by dlocke on 12 Feb 2017

2017 Book Drive

Once again we are collecting books to send to Timor Leste. We are looking for early childhood, primary and high school books that can be used for reading practice. There is also a high school looking for commerce, maths and economic style texts. We will also accept early childhood toys for our kindergartens in Bei Cala and Boramba.

While the Bei Cala kindergarten has been up and running for a number of months, the Boramba school will be set up in a room of our existing school block.

If you have any books or early childhood toys, in good condition that you would like to donate please contact me at They can be delivered to Dorrigo or Bellingen or dropped of at the Sgt. Matthew Locke MG Charity Event on the 25th February 2017 in Bellingen


Once items are collected they will be delivered to Melbourne by Cramptons truck company and from there the Rotary Club of Melbourne sends a container every six weeks to Timor Leste.

Thank you in advance for your kind donations.

Published by dlocke on 04 Jan 2017

Local Game Grows

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