Contact Details

Debbie Locke
7 Hollibone St

Dorrigo NSW 2453


Phone: 0429 977 959 or 02 66572240

Donations for education in  Timor Leste

Please send cheques made out to “The Grub Club” to –

The Treasurer
The Grub Club
7 Hollibone St
Dorrigo, NSW, 2453

Or direct deposit to –

The Grub Club,
Bananacoast Credit Union, Bellingen.
BSB No: 533000
Account No: 32857248

Please include a snail mail address so a receipt can be sent for every donation. If direct depositing please send an email to and on confirmation a receipt will be returned.  We are currently applying to be a donation gift recipient, so we will keep you posted on our position with the ATO.

Sgt. Matthew Locke MG Charity Match

If you would like to make a donation to the Charity Match direct deposit details are below. Please send an email of details to Debbie Locke.

Account Details: Matthew Locke Charity Shield

BCU BSB: 533000 Account: 32856928