The Grub Club supports the following projects:

Young girls in Oruzgan Province. ADF image.
Young girls in Uruzgan Province.
Image courtesy ADF


One way of ensuring peoples freedom is through education. This fund is being set up to assist Afghani children from the Uruzgan Province of Afghanistan obtain an education through the supply of resources and infrastructure including professional training and development of teachers. Uruzgan Province is one of thirty four provinces in Afghanistan. Its capital is Tarin Kot. Due to ongoing insurgency problems little aid gets through. Australia provides a Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force (MRTF) which works on reconstruction and community based projects. The Grub Club is providing educational support to  schools located in the Uruzgan Province.  In conjunction with AusAid and Save the Children we will be contributing to the supply of resources and infrastructure.

Project – Educational Resources to Uruzgan Province 2010

The Grub Club will be providing funds to supply valuable infrastructure in the form of classroom furniture and playground equipment to the following three schools in Uruzgan Province.  The schools are the Choora Central High School, Lablan High School and  Yak Langar High School.

 This infrastructure will be delivered as part of the Quality Primary Education Project (QPEP) being coordinated and delivered by Save the Children and partly funded by AusAid. The Grub Club will be contributing $12,658.00 to this project.

 It is hoped that in the near future we will have additional information to share with our donors.  

October 2010

Project – Educational Resources to Uruzgan Province 2008/2009

 Thanks to the ADF, AusAid and Dr Ajab Noor, Provincial Director of the Afghan Health Development Services (AHDS) school resources have been delivered to four schools in Uruzgan Province.

 The resources were delivered to Saidal Khan High School, Saidal Khan Primary School, Malali Girls School and the Yaklinga School.  Resources were delivered along with hygiene and basic health training by the AHDS.

 Resources distributed included pens, pencils, crayons, paper, exercise books, glue, scissors and pencil sharpeners and sporting equipment including soccer balls, skipping ropes and tennis balls.

 While The Grub Club is extremely proud and pleased of this success it has also highlighted the difficulty in getting feedback on the distribution of goods. We will be looking for alternative ways of delivering the infrastructure both big and small in the future.

November 2009

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