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Published by Peter Dexter on 10 Jul 2013

Account – East Timor School

pdfAccounting East Timor School

Published by Peter Dexter on 10 Jul 2013

Grub Club Financial Report, 2011-12

pdf The Grub Club Financial Report 2011-12

Published by Peter Dexter on 28 Feb 2012

Progress Report in Bei Cala, 14 Feb 2012

Starting date 10/02/2012 and 11/02/2012

Some of the major things we finished were:

  • Front Foundations completed on 14/02/12, Length 36 Meter deep foundations 50 cm based  
  • Goods were on hand:
  1. Rocks are running low  and Sends were indoors
  2. Cement 40Kg
  3. Reinforcing deformed steel bar 10mm & 6mm


Some of the important things have not finish were:

  • Foundation constructions is ongoing, starting date 06/02/2012 Estimations unknown if not rain possibly will completed in 6 days.


A challenge I overcome was:


 Problem I have:

  • It seem like not sufficient rocks for foundations and Reinforcing deformed steel bar, I had asked vendor to collect 25 trucks to be pay in next budget.
  • Whether raining seasons can be affect for delaying,we are not able to finish within six days.

My Target for next week are:

  1. Work Foundation (order conrict brict qty 2500 to be pay on next budget)
  2. Back fill

Jino Pereira