Some Facts…

Some information about Afghanistan –

  1. 4.8 million Afghan refugees have returned to their country since the UNHCR’s voluntary repatriation program began in 2002 and over 500,000 internally displaced people have returned to their home towns and villagesAccording to UNESCO  the life expectancy on average is no more than 46 years.
  2. 6th poorest country in the world. Behind Burrundi, Mali, Bukino Faso, Niger and Sierra Leone. Rural poverty  must be alleviated to aid reconstruction and the secure the future for the country and its people.
  3. Adm William Fallon commader US central command (cetcom) the literacy rate in Afghanistan is around 30%, poverty is dictating choice.
  4. Afghanistan has the highest proportion of school age children in the world.
  5. Literacy rates for girls between 18-24 are 18%. Completion rate of primary school for girls is 13%.
  6. In most areas of Afghanistan the people have shown a willingness to get their children educated. While there has been a 50% increase of school children attending school since 2003 we are up to around 5 million now, there are still another 7 million not attending full or even part time school
  7. Average class size (based on 2007 school survey) in Oruzgan Province is 196.
  8. Over 150 schools in Oruzgan Province need infrastructure including running water and toilet facilities.

Statistics from Australian Government: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade,  , Barton, Dec