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Published by dlocke on 25 Aug 2019

Annual Report/Accounts 2018/19

The Grub Club Education Fund

As per our mission statement, our purpose is to enhance the opportunity for children to receive an education. To that end in 2018/19 the third kindergarten has been built in Bobé village, bringing the total kindergartens to three. We have been able to consolidate the template and offer villages a set amount of dollars which they use to tailor make a kindergarten to their environment.

In Bobé, no toilet was needed, as the kindergarten was situated next to the primary school which had facilities. As the ground was flatter, they were also able to reduce the foundation height and add windows. We did away with the internal ceiling lining which also saved on costs. Extra costs were needed to transport building materials to Bobé due to isolation. They were able to stay within budget of US$12000.

Bobé kindergarten finished November 2018

Boramba kindergarten in action 2018

Kindergarten teachers receiving digital literacy training July 2018

Checking out the Suai kindergarten site with Belinda, Lisa, Antonio and his brother July 2018.

Added to this we were able to put lino down and install furniture. Toys, books and resources were also provided. Additional resources were also provided to Boramba and Bei Cala kindergartens.

In April of 2019 we were able to deliver books in English to High School in Boramba. This will aid English classes in the school. I personally plan on returning in 2020 and volunteering in the English classes.

We also started our primary dental care program. Thanks to the generous donation of Colgate Australia of toothbrushes and toothpaste we are targeting pre-school and kindergarten, first year students and teaching oral hygiene. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication school holidays coincided with our visit, so only a limited program was offered. This program will continue in March-July 2020.

On our 2018 visit we also offered digital literacy classes to our kindergarten teachers from Boramba and Bei Cala. Each pre-school has been provided with a laptop, which they are responsible for. Paolo Alves assisted with translating and due to his IT expertise was able to deliver the directions.

Finally, thanks to the generous donations of people from our local community in Bellingen Shire we have delivered 2 pallets of books, toys and clothes to Dili and on to Bei Cala. Thanks to Wayne Locke, Monica Constable, a incredible team of truck drivers who ensured these donations made it to Darwin, and then to the Defence Cooperation Program – Timor Leste (DCP_TL) particularly Bradly Huglett and Antonio Gomez and of course Jino Pereria we have managed to have those same goods moved from Darwin to Dili at no cost. This is an incredible achievement and thanks to all those that have helped. A third has left in this financial year, and a fourth will go shortly.

All in all, our dental program, books, toys and clothes program have cost us no money which has allowed us to spend our budget on building schools. In 2020 we hope to see Suai school finally built and an Adult Education Centre in Bei Cala. At present we are applying for funding to build the centre. This is hoped to be a village hub and offer courses in digital literacy, English lessons, kindergarten training and sewing and dressmaking skills. We hope this model will be carried forward to other places.

Compiled by Secretary/Treasurer and Founder

Debbie Locke

25th August 2019

        Above. Kindergarten students receiving toothbrush and toothpaste from dental program.

Teacher from the local high schooland myself (middle)


Income statement for small charities  
Government grants $0
Donations and bequests $10889.15
Other revenue/receipts $0
Total revenue/receipts (a + b + c) $10889.15
Other income, if applicable $
Total income/receipts (d + e) $10889.15
Employee expenses/payments $0
Grants and donations made for use in Australia $0
Grants and donations made for use outside Australia $13738.48
Other expenses/payments $190.00
Total expenses/payments (g + i + j + k) $13928.48
Net surplus/deficit (f – l) $-3039.33
Balance sheet  
t. Total assets $10504.27
y. Total liabilities $0
z. Net assets/liabilities (t – y) $10504.27

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Hi all, would love you to help us by taking this quick survey. I would like to apply for some

funding to help grow our event and need additional information. Your help is greatly appreciated.

You will probably have to copy the link as a url. Sorry, my computer skills let me down. Thanks Deb

Here’s the link:


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Thank you to our generous sponsors. Here are a few.




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Game Plan 2018

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Photos from October 2017

Daniel of DCP-TL helping us hand out resources to Bei Cala Primary School


Lala and students from our Bei Cala kindergarten.

Crossing the river to Bobe.

Troops busy at work.

Bobe site.

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