What a great weekend!

While yet again we didn’t come away with a win I can only congratulate and thank all those involved for making the Sgt. Matthew Locke MG Charity Event so wonderful. Well done Thunder on winning and the Magpie Barbarians for keeping it nail biting to the end, your entertaining play capped off a sens

ational round of games. Stephen and Kathy Glyde, the entire Glyde family,

and the Magpies for your support. Thank you.

This year we were lucky enough to have new and old activities contributing to the event. Starting on Friday with golf and concerts. Thanks to the Bellingen Golf Club team for putting together an entertaining day, I am pretty sure all our golfers enjoyed themselves. At the same time as the Governor was playing golf, Mrs Hurley was doing the rounds of the local schools.

Thanks to Kathy Glyde for organising the Bellingen Public School concert and visit. Reports back are that it was highly entertaining and all were impressed with Mrs Hurley leading the congretation in ‘You are my Sunshine.’ This was followed by

 a visit to Bellingen High School. Earlier members of the Australian Army Band had held a musical workshop with students followed by a concert. Again Mrs Hurley was the guest of honour. The muscians led an entertaining hour of music culminating in the conga line.  I believe there were more tha

n a few surprised people with a great time had by all. Thank you to Mrs Hurley and the Australian Army Band and Annie Phelan

from Bellingen High School.

Saturday it all comes together with our huge day of football. There are always winners and losers on the sporting field, but not on this day. How lucky am I to claim this place as my home town. Thank you to all those that helped

from the sporting teams to the Lions Club, to TripleB, our annoucers, gate guardians, security personal, family members…and the list goes on. And especially to all those who came. There is no way in this world I could do this without you, thank you.

Sunday we backed up again for the Army Band Concert at C.ex Coffs Harbour. I can’t thank Dave Ellis and team for helping us each year, and this year was a cracker! The band (made up of Newcastle and Brisbane) dressed formally for the occasion and again introduced with the Coffs Harbour Regional Brass Band, blew us away. Wow! So much talent.

Thank you to Leigh and Jo for delaying their return long enough to join us, such an honour. Thank you to his excellency, The Governor of NSW, Gen. David Hurley (Retd) and Mrs Linda Hurley for their unfaltering support.

Overall we were able to hold our own and raise $20,000 for our nominated organisations. Soldier On, The Grub Club, Bellingen Junior Rugby League and Covered Arena Horse Group. Thank you to all of you – Bellingen and community. I will finish with the words of Gordan Parsons from ‘Where the Bellenger River Flows”

I’ve been in most country towns,

and some cities of renown,

I’ve travelled north, south, east and west,

but there is none to compare,

with that valley so green and fair,

The Bellinger is the place I love the best.