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Published by dlocke on 08 May 2016

Bei Cala Visit 2016

Boramba Escola

Boramba Escola

English Class

English Class

Bei Cala Escola

Bei Cala Escola

Bustling Same

Bustling Same

Endless roadworks

Endless roadworks

Driving from Dili to Bei Cala

Driving from Dili to Bei Cala

Published by dlocke on 08 May 2016

Bei Cala Visit Update

During the recent April School Holidays I was privileged to travel to Bei Cala, Timor Leste to visit the community and see progress on our current project a kindergarten building, observe the use of our previous building project and of course catch up with old friends. Funds for our project are primarly provided through the Sgt. Matthew Locke MG Charity Match.

Traditional Welcome

Traditional Welcome

The current project is nearing completion with the inside being finished on the main room, door added, so it can be locked, plastering on the outside wall well under way and bricks ordered for the septic tank. Since my return Jino has informed me that progress is continued with outside plastering finished, bathroom and tank underway and steps and awning started. The plaque was put in place while I was there.

It is looking very bright and should be an excellent learning space for pre-school children. Two young ladies have volunteered to take on the teacher roles and will be travelling to Dili to observe kindergartens there for ideas. I was also happy to provide some initial resource money to start the school off.

I also handed out workbooks, pens and pencils to students at Kaisera Escola, Boramba Escola and Bei Cala Esccola thanks to  a few people who generously donated some cash before I left. Students are very keen to improve there English which is taught in High School and many young people visited me in Bei Cala and partook of some Conversational English lessons. They were full of laughter and I was impressed with the dedication shown by the students.

Timor Leste is beautiful and some progress has been made with many villages now having electricity connections available, but it was disappointing to note the state of the roads had not really improved  since my last visit four years ago. It still took 6 hours to travel 140km.

Students holding up their books.

Students at Kaisera Escola

I am hoping to travel back in October and would be happy to take some volunteers if anyone is interested. Initially, I am looking at a 10 day trip in all, it would be during the school holidays (24th September to 9th October) again and a significant proportion of that time would be spent travelling in Timor Leste visiting Bei Cala, Bentano, hopefully Balibo, Suai and of course Dili. There could be a spot of English teaching in Bei Cala if your up for it. Please contact me if your interested in joining me. 0429977959 or

I will be carrying a report back to the Grub Club committee with some recommendations for future maintenance work which is needed on our original building as well as another project request that I received.

Thank you to my hosts while there Jino for driving me everywhere and his family in Bei Cala for hosting me.

Kaisera Escola

Kaisera Escola

Inside Classroom of new kindergarten.

Inside Classroom of new kindergarten.

Published by dlocke on 03 Apr 2016

Upcoming Visit to Bei Cala

Jino has reported today that further progress has been made on the kindergarten building with the inside wall plastering being finished and the boys have also started the floor. We have also received the plaque, thanks to Nick Locke for his help. I will be carrying this over with me for my forthcoming visit to Timor Leste.

I will be visiting the village viewing our projects up close  and catching up with the community members, Jino and our scholarship recipient Teodora Da Costa Alves.


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Published by dlocke on 28 Mar 2016

Kindergarten progress & 2015 Awards

Exciting progress has been made on our kindergarten project in Bei Cala, Timor Leste. The roof has been added along with the  door and window frames and the interior has been plastered. I have attached some photos of building of this process. We also have some award winners 2015. They are from left to right 

Jaimita Da costa, Manizia Emilia Doutel Sarmento, Anastacio Da Costa Rosario, Jorjinha Da Costa Bianco, Mildia  Da Costa lloue, Neibania F.M de F.M de Auxiladora.

Some additional news is the government of Timor Leste has built an additional buidling which is now being used by the secondary school. This is allowing the primary school to spread out and use the structure supplied by the Grub Club. I am very excited by my forthcoming visit in the April school holidays. I will be able to report on progress of the area and investigate further projects on behalf of the Grub Club. 

award ceremony 2015 2 2015 award recipients 1 kindergarten 2016 c kindergarten 2016 a

Published by dlocke on 03 Feb 2016

Update on Bei Cala Pre-School

Below is the latest letter from JIno and manager in Timor Leste.

Boa tarde Deb,

See the attached photos for Pre-School Project, the project has reached 80%. I am looking  to finish off the last 20% in 2 months’ time.

Materials that we need in short future,   

  1. Windows sheets & Doors Sheets

  2. Plywood for ceiling

  3. We running out of sands (require for flooring ,Wall Plaster, Toilet, & Steps)

  4. Paint (Please advise what color of paint would you like to suggest for the wall?)

  5. Paint (Please advise what color of paint would you like to suggest for the ceiling?)

  6. Roofing nails (More 15KG)

  7. Ceiling roofing  (10KG)

  8. Wickes Treated Roofing Batten

  • Size 25X38X48MM Qty 25

  • Size 25x50x36MM Qty 30

  • Size 25x38x36MM Qty 30

 Also for your info, Pre-School is close to Primary School  with the distance between being only 60 meters. There was a cement green tank right in front of Pre-school building, I think in the future we can run a pipe from main tank direct to Pre-School’s toilet at the back.

Pre-School building is not far from Dad & Mum’s house we could walk in six minutes time. Pre-School building is also surrounded by community garden as you could see on the photos.

Community usually called me twice a week ask me to finish it soon therefore they could send their kids to study at pre-school.

All the boys are having a weeks off from today until we get all the materials than they start work again.



Jino Pereira

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